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Fourth of July Wine Slippers - Set of 4

Fourth of July Wine Slippers - Set of 4

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This Wine Slipper Coaster set provides stylish protection for your surfaces with 100% cotton fabric. Enjoy each coaster, simply flip them over to use them as regular coasters during their off-duty moments. Perfect for all drinks, enjoy your beverage with luxury and style.
These wine slipper have 2 layers of fabric and batting between the fabric for the base of the wine slipper. The top is 2 pieces of fabric folded in half. These are sturdy and protective wine slippers.

Get ready to entertain in style this 4th of July with these special wine slipper coasters. They measure 4 1/2 X 4 1/2 inches and come in 3 different shapes. Each set of 4 will consist of one shape, Circle, Square or Hexagon. The coasters will be with 4 distinct fabrics.

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